Lithium ion Battery

KINGWELL sticks to quality first, and aims to provide high performance and reliable lithium-ion batteries. All Kingwell batteries are always high energy density and long cycle life. We can provide pouch/polymer type,prismatic type, cylindrical type and button type lithium ion cells in shape, and we can make different battery packs according to customers requirements.

This kind of consumer li-ion batteries are the best choice for a number of modern high-tech products in the portable electronics device. They provide stable output with high voltage, long lasting and reliable main power, occupying a minimum of space and weight in the corresponding devices.such as mobile phone tablet, POS device, GPS tracking device. 



High Energy Batteries(Li-PO/pouch type & prismatic type) 

Features and advantages

  • High voltage: 4.2V 4.3V, 4.35V, 4.4V are available), high and stable stable working voltage at about 3.7V.
  • High energy density;
  • Long cycle life: >500cycles, >80%,100%DOD.
  • Low self-discharge ;
  • Fast charge: 1C charge for all models. some mobile phone models support max 1.5C fast charge.
  • Wide operating temperature range: -20~60℃ (Most of the battery can be extent to 80℃ high temperature @ less than 4 hours; Good performance at low temperature: >60% C5A@-20℃)
  •  Flexible in shape
  • 1000+ models or customer design.
  •  Reliable battery pack design and production.



Smart cards,USB-Key, blue-tooth, tablet&smart phone, Portable handheld device, medical equipment, etc


Popular models

 kingwell li-ion battery.jpg



Coin Type Li-ion Batteries



  • Small in size.
  • Stable operating performance
  • Long cycle life
  • Safety




Smart watch

RFID Cards

Other wearable device.





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