LFP Battery


Lithium iron phosphate batteries(short for LiFePO4 or LFP)offers very good electrochemical performance with low resistance. LFP provides high-rated current operating performance and flat discharge voltage performance. The key benefits are high current rating and long cycle life, besides good thermal stability, enhanced safety and tolerance if abused. Lithium iron phosphate batteries is more tolerant to full charge conditions and is less stressed than other lithium-ion systems if kept at high voltage for a prolonged time.These advantages make it considered to be the the best power solution for vehicles, such as AGV, forklift,e-bike,e-car, golf cart and marine.

Lithium iron phosphate batteries are often used to replace the lead acid batteries. Four cells in series produce 12.80V, a similar voltage to six 2V lead acid cells in series. The benefits of 12V LFP batteries are at least 4 times longer cycle life and higher effeciency in use than 12V lead acid batteries, besides only about 25%weight of lead acid batteries. All our 12V LFP batteries are maintainance-free and support 0.5C~1C fast charge, and can be charged freely no need 100% charge and discharge.




Basis performance

Rated voltage: 3.2~3.3V/cell

Energy desity: 140Wh/kg

High current output: 1-3C constant current discharge.

Long lifespan:  2000+cycles(cylindrical), 3500+cycles(prismatic).

Fast charge: 1.5- 2.5 hrs for full charge. 

Wide operatine temperature: -20~60deg.C

Light weight: About 25% of lead-acid battery.

Safety:cells are good thermal stability, enhanced safety and tolerance even if abused, such as overcharge , low fire & explosion risk.

Maintenance free.

No memory effect.



AGV, golf car, marine, forklift truck, energy storage...



Popular models

Prismatic Battery Type

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 Cylindrical Battery Type

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Golf Cart Battery Models         



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