Li-ion battery packs


Voltage:  3.7-60V

Capacity:  10~20Ah

Fual gauge:

Communication:  I2C,CANBUS





1. Replacement POS device battery for Verifone VX670/680

Product details:

Li-ion rechargeable battery: 7.4,1800mAh

Charge voltage: 8.4V

Standard charge current: 900mA

Working temperature: -20~60℃

Dimensions: 22.5mm*38mm*55mm

Built-in intelligent PCM and capacity can be measured accurately.

KINGWELL battery-7-4v-li-ion-battery-for-tpe-verifone-vx680.


2. Lithium polymer battery for medical device

Product details:

Battery: 7.4V/2600mAh

Charge voltage: 8.4V

Standard charge current: 1300mAh

Working temperature: -20~60℃

Built-in intelligent PCM:  TI BQ2B8Z610RZR gauge IC with I2C Communication.

Dimensions: 10mm*50mm*95mm



 3.  Car Driving Recorder Battery

        Battery pack:  18650-4S2P,  14.8V/5.2Ah

Rated voltage:  14.8V

Rated Capacity:  5.2Ah 

Max. output current:  5A

Standard Charge Current: 2.6A

Safety:  Built-in Intelligent PCM with 6 protection functions.

Over-charge voltage protection

Over-charge current protection

Over-discharge voltage protection

Over-discharge current protection

Over-temperature protection

Short-circuit protection

Dimensions: L 75mm*W 38mm*H 71mm

Case: PVC shrink 







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